The Hybrid Spa Pool offers the best of both worlds allowing you all the benefits of wood-fired and electric.


Stoked Spa Pools are a real looker, the contrast between the 100% natural cedar cladding, the hand-crafted stainless-steel interior and hardware is remarkable.


The cedar and stainless-steel freestanding construction make it completely weatherproof and perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor use. Add a bit of luxury, with an outdoor New Zealand made Spa Pool, inc. a lockable fully insulated cover.


Stoked Stainless Spa Pools are indeed all-weather tubs, whether you choose to use it out in the elements or inside your home.Low maintenance and perfect in any environment.


Keep your water clean with our ecofriendly, odourless recommendation of Simplesilver™.

Just fill with clean water and replace as recommended or as needed.

All electronic spas can heat to 41 degrees.

Every Item is Backed by the

Stoked Warranty

We proudly offer a 50-year warranty on our stainless-steel inner barrels, a testament to their quality and longevity. These inner barrels not only stand the test of time but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

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