Frequently Asked Questions


After you place your order we ship to your nearest shipping depot location. From there you can pick it up or schedule delivery with a 3rd party.


Stoked Products arrive fully assembled.


Our electric range requires a water treatment produduct. The water will last for months.

Our wood fired range uses fresh water. We recommend refilling every 2-3 days.

The cedar cladding needs oiled annually.


Everything you need to know about Stoked products. From product weight and capacity to heating times.



We can send to any of the Mainfreight Australia depots listed on this map: Mainfreight Depot Locations.

Our warehouses are located in VIC and NSW.

A natural feature of cedar is the varying colours, grains, and textures. Splits and cracks may develop as it responds to the environment, these are not to be considered a fault or flaw and will not compromise the construction of any Stoked product.

It is advised to oil your cedar at least once a year, depending on how dry the environment is.

For example, in dry climates oiling twice a year (every six months) would be our recommendation.

A 50-year warranty covers the structural integrity of the Stoked Ltd stainless-steel inner (barrel) and is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 50-years from the date of delivery against failure in structure due to faulty workmanship or materials. This provided the installation, use and maintenance have been carried out in accordance with normal practice according to our recommendations, including but not limited to over chlorination or incorrect water chemistry.

If any such defect should occur the purchaser shall inform Stoked Stainless International PTY LTD or it’s representative by notice in writing seven days of such defect, any such notice is required to set out the exact nature of the defect and the circumstances in which it was noticed.

We ensure the quality of our design and workmanship and all our products and expect them to
provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

All else is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labour against defects and failure when used in normal practice according to our recommendations.

We will provide you with an estimated date of arrival upon confirmation of your order. Delays do not constitute a breach of contract and Stoked is not liable or responsible for any disruptions or costs incurred.

If you request that an order, be held or delayed less than 10 business days before scheduled completion, delivery, or collection, this shall incur a fee.

When you purchase with Stoked, based on the level of service you require and the size of the product you have purchased, there is a range of delivery and installation options available to you.

As a valued customer we want to make receiving your Stoked product a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We are here to help make things simple and easy.

Options are:

Collection (Australia wide)

Your Stoked product will be available for collection from selected Mainfreight depots Australia wide.

*Costs may vary.

To discover if you are within our serviceable area and for more details on delivery/installation please contact us directly.

Delivery quotes are based on the level of service and installation required.

Yes, all our products come fully assembled for you. Simply place it on a firm and level surface, and you're ready to enjoy your Stoked product.

Please note that our Plunge Spa Pool is an exception as it comes fully assembled. However, we recommend having an electrician and plumber present on-site for installation. If you require assistance with the installation, please contact us, and we will provide you with an installation video.

Currently all our electric products are tried and tested to work within the electrical requirements of NZ and AUS. While we are actively working on expanding our reach and availability, we don't have a timeframe available on when we'll be able to ship products abroad.

We do not currently have finance options in place; however, you are welcome to settle your invoice incrementally at whichever pace suites you best. Please note, it is once the invoice is settled in full your Stoked product joins manufacturing.

Stoked does not offer storage facilities for orders once manufactured. If you request that an order be held or delayed less than 14 days before scheduled completion, delivery or collection, this may incur a fee.

Here at Stoked our products are meticulously designed to stand proud in any space, the cedar cladding is not only beautiful but supports the integrity of our products – insulation, plumbing and other inner workings are placed between the cedar and the steel to best retain heat and support efficiency and energy saving.

Modification outside our standards may be possible, requests must be made in writing and additional costs and lead times may apply. Once confirmed a 50% deposit is required.

While we do not supply cover caddys, we recommend exploring the plethora of reliable options available online. You can easily find a suitable cover caddy that meets your needs and enhances your spa experience.


Stoked Spa Setup

To ensure proper weight distribution and prevent point loading, our products are placed on 100mm timber bearers. If the desired location is firm and level, you are good to go.

Yes, there is no heat at all on the exterior of the wood-fired hot tub. The burner is located within the hot tub and submerged under the water. As long as your deck is stable and level, it is a great placement choice for your Stoked Stainless product.

Electric Bathtub: 1.5kW/10amp
1.6 Round Spa Pool: 1.5kW/10amp
1.9 Round Spa Pool: 3.0kW/15amp
2.2 Round Spa Pool: 3.0kW/15amp
2m x 2m Square Spa: 3.0kW/15amp
Plunge Spa Pools are equipped with an external 8.8kW or 12kW SV Series Heat Pump.

The power cords for Stoked Products are 2m in length.

Stoked products come on timber bearers at 100mm thick, this is to avoid point loading and evenly distribute weight, as long as where the spa is going to be located is firm and level you are all set. Stoked spas are built for a lifetime of relaxation and enjoyment, it’s always worth keeping that in mind when preparing.

Yes, just be sure you have checked local pool fencing regulations and can access the hatch.

All Stoked LTD customers are responsible for consulting and adhering to local legislation before making a purchase. It is important to note that Stoked LTD's guidelines for recommended use are complementary to, and should be followed in addition to, all applicable local legislation.

Most woods are okay, such as Pine, Macrocarpa, Oregon and Blue Gum. Avoid hardwood with very high BTU ratings such as Teatree, Kanuka and Manuka, as they will burn too hot, meaning will be less efficient while using more wood to heat your water.



Wood Fired Products

Our wood-fired products are specifically designed for freshwater use. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend filling them with clean, fresh water every 2-3 days.

Electric Products

Keeping water in your spa at a constant temperature of around 38 degrees requires a sanitizer in the water. One important point is to shower before you get in the pool. This prevents day to day things like sunscreen, moisturizer and makeup deteriorating the water quality.

There are various water treatment options available. Some work better in certain situations than others.

Here is our take on it, and four options we suggest:

Use a mobile spa technician to do it for you

Contact a local spa shop who has a mobile service, where they can come to your property and clean your filter, test and dose your spa on a regular basis. This is the easiest option.

Using the following link, enter your post code, then select Pool & Service Technician: 

New Zealand: Find a technician NZ

Use a local spa shop

Take a sample of water to your local spa shop who has the capability of testing. They will give you the right dosage required depending on the results.

Some options for who provides this service throughout New Zealand are:

New Zealand:

Bunnings spa testing New Zealand

Mitre10 spa testing New Zealand

 Do it yourself

Purchase a starter pack and take care of the water quality yourself. You can find your nearest stockist of the bioguard range here:

 For a chlorine option, it is very important to stay within the perimeters of the test strip. 316 Marine grade Stainless can only handle chlorine concentration of up to 5 parts per million. (ppm).

It is equally important to stay within the parameters for PH, Alkalinity and water hardness. If one of these parameters is out of balance, it can cause discolouration on the stainless, which left neglected can lead to corrosion.

Here is a video explaining it: Bioguard Spa Treatments


Use Simplesilver

This is a product that dissolves into the water to treat it.

It works best on spas that have low use,with regular filter rotation and upkeep. 

Simplesilver may struggle in medium to high spa usage. More info can be found here:


No matter what option you choose, it is important to clean your filter weekly.

Details to remove the filter are in the product's user manual, replacement filters are available from our website.

We recommend you buy a second filter and cycle the filters in the spa every week.

With the dirty filter, soak it overnight in a bucket of water with 2 cups of bleach or a recommended filter cleaner. Rinse it off the next day then leave it to dry.

Our freshwater products, heated by a wood burner, are designed to be emptied every 2-3 uses and can be left empty for any length of time.

Regarding Stoked Spas and electric products, we recommend you do not leave them empty for extended periods of times and instead leave them running in away mode, this way they will continue to filter the water, but heating is disabled. The reason for this is that we cannot guarantee when emptied all water will leave the pipework and there could be risk of freezing, resulting in pipework cracking.

Yes, you can use the linked adapter to attach a garden hose to your Stoked valve and use the water from our products for irrigation -

Simply turn the valve handle 90 degrees, if emptying an electric spa please be sure that it is turned off.

For cleaning of the steel we recommend diluting washing up liquid and wiping it down with a cloth.
For a deeper clean we recommend Barkeeper's friend, Scotch brite and some elbow grease.

It is advised to oil the cedar once a year, depending on how dry the environment is.

In the wood-fired hot tub and bathtub, essential oils are okay as they are designed for fresh water and will be emptied every 2-3 uses. Adding essential oils to our electric products is not recommended and they require a permanent water treatment solution, we recommend Simple Silver, and this is available to purchase from us directly.

First, get a new beer.

Don’t worry, these things can happen. If using our recommended water purification solution Simple Silver, simple leave the spa to filter the water as normal for 48 without getting in and it should clear itself up. If this should not suffice, we recommend alternative such as Oxy Shock, or a small amount of Chlorine – please be mindful when using products and follow the instructions closely based on the recommend amount for the water capacity of the spa.

Chlorine can be used within the parameters of the spa and it's water capacity.
The spa is made of 316 marine grade stainless.
316 grade stainless steel can handle up to 5 parts per million chlorine concentration. If it gets above this, it can start corroding the stainless because the protective chromium oxide layer can be compromised.
The spas water should be kept around 3 ppm chlorine, while ensuring the PH is about 7.5sed, but it is very important you stay within the parameters of the test strips regarding the concentration levels.

On rare occasions, superficial rust like marks may appear on the surface of the internal parts of the spa. Usually on the seat.
This is the result of a small foreign object(s) entering the spa.
This could be from any source such as something blowen into the spa, or something coming off bathers when entering the spa.
We have previously seen part of a hairclip rusting in one of our spas.
The spa is made of 316 marine grade stainless. The appearance of rust spots is not the spa, but the foreign object corroding because it is an inferior metal.
in 95% of cases, the rust mark can be removed by using a green Scotch brite pad and rubbing gentle in a circular motion.

All electrical stoked products come with an insulated, ratchet strap, lockable cover. Lockable with a padlock.

Testing the PH level of any spa is important and when using water purification solutions or chemicals it’s imperative you follow the instructions outlined. For example – with simple silver (our recommendation) once you add the silver tablet to the spa you must leave it for ten days before using the spa.

Product Information


All electrical products at Stoked Stainless are made from 316 marine-grade steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in marine environments. Freshwater products, on the other hand, are crafted from 306 grade steel and are designed to be emptied every 2-3 uses for optimal maintenance.

Additionally, all Stoked Stainless products are elegantly clad in Western Red Cedar sourced from British Columbia, Canada, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and natural beauty.

Electric bathtubs and 1.6 round spas: These models require a 1.5kW, 10amp 3-prong outlet located within 2 meters.

The 1.9, 2.2, Hybrid, and 2m x 2m spas: These models require a 3.0kW, 15amp 3-prong outlet located within 2 meters.

Plunge Pools: Plunge Spa Pools come with an external 8.8kW SV Series Heat Pump

Bathtub: Approximate empty weight - 95kg
Wood-fired bathtub & Electric bathtub: Approximate empty weight - 140kg
1.6 Round Spa: Approximate empty weight - 230kg
1.9 Round Spa: Approximate empty weight - 235kg
1.9 Round Spa (8-jet upgrade): Approximate empty weight - 240kg
1.9 Hybrid: Approximate empty weight - 300kg
1.9 Wood-fired hot tub: Approximate empty weight - 300kg
1.9 Classic Round Tub: Approximate empty weight - 200kg
2.2 Round Spa: Approximate empty weight - 325kg
2m x 2m Square Spa: Approximate empty weight - 575kg
2m x 2.5m Plunge Spa Pool: Approximate empty weight - 650kg
2m x 3m Plunge Spa Pool: Approximate empty weight - 750kg

Classic Bathtub: Capacity - 450 litres
Wood-fired bathtub & Electric bathtub: Capacity - 450 litres
1.6 Round Spa: Capacity - 900 litres
1.9 Round Spa: Capacity - 1100 litres
1.9 Round Spa (8-jet upgrade): Capacity - 1100 litres
1.9 Hybrid: Capacity - 1000 litres
1.9 Wood-fired hot tub: Capacity - 1000 litres
1.9 Classic Round Tub: Capacity - 1100 litres
2.2 Round Spa: Capacity - 1900 litres
2m x 2m Square Spa: Capacity - 2600 litres
2m x 2.5m Plunge Spa Pool: Capacity - 3500 litres
2m x 3m Plunge Spa Pool: Capacity - 5500 litres

Stoked products are meticulously designed to provide a lifetime of relaxation and enjoyment. As a natural characteristic of cedar, you will appreciate its beautiful variations in colors, grains, and textures. It is worth noting that splits and cracks may develop over time as the cedar interacts with its environment. However, please be assured that these natural occurrences are not considered faults or flaws, and they do not compromise the construction or durability of any Stoked Ltd product.

To maintain the longevity of your cedar, we recommend oiling it at least once a year, adjusting the frequency based on the dryness of the surrounding environment. For instance, in Central Otago, we suggest oiling your cedar twice a year (every six months) as our recommendation.

We take immense pride in the structural integrity of our products. The Stoked Ltd stainless-steel inner (barrel) is backed by a comprehensive 50-year warranty, guaranteed by the manufacturer from the date of delivery. This warranty covers any structural failures resulting from faulty workmanship or materials, provided that the installation, use, and maintenance have been conducted in accordance with normal practice guidelines. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to know more about the normal practice guidelines.

During the month of August, 2023, Stoked Stainless achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first and only spa pool and hot tub company to attain the esteemed Climate Care Certification. This prestigious recognition has been awarded by SPASA, the distinguished Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand. It's an achievement that speaks volumes about our unwavering dedication to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and our commitment to fostering a climate-conscious approach.

The Stoked products are available in two vibrant colours to suit your personal style. Choose between Dark/Foundry or Light/Hessian.

Yes, exposed steel not submerged in water will conduct heat, so if exposed to the sun for long periods of time can get hot like any steel surface. We always strongly recommend keeping your cover on your Stoked product when not in use.

Stoked Plunge Spa Pools have an external heat pump with a reverse cycle that actively cools, capable of keeping the pool at your chosen temperature from 10-40 degrees. Additionally, we are delighted to offer an invigorating ice bath experience for those seeking a refreshing dip.

Our Wood-fired products are designed for freshwater use, without lighting a fire they can be used for a cold soak on hot summer days.
Stoked round spa pools use an electric heat pump, this does not have a reverse cycle so does not have the capability to actively cool. Designed to retain heat efficiency although set to 12 degrees for example, may not reach a temperature as low as the heat of the spa is dictated by the ambient temperature.

The wood-fired bathtub holds 450 litres of water and takes an average of 1.5 hours to heat.
The round wood-fired hot tubs hold 1100 litres of water and takes an average of 2 hours to heat.

Electric Stoked products heat at a rate of 2-degrees an hour when first heating from cold. Thereafter your spa will always be hot and ready to soak. So if the temperature of the water is 15 degrees and you'd like to get it up to 39 degrees for example, it would take up to 12 hours to heat from 15 to 39 degrees.

Stoked wood-fired products come with a cold tap for cooling down the temperature of the tub.

Our electric products offer the option to reduce the temperature of the water by using the touchpad controller and/or the app.

We have showrooms in Melbourne and Brisbane. Details are on our contact page.

Please note it is the responsibility of Stoked customers to confirm with their local council before purchasing.